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Stamp duty vs annual tax - which works out cheaper?

As of 16 January 2023, first home buyers in New South Wales have the option to opt out of paying upfront stamp duty and instead pay an annual tax. The First Home Buyer Choice scheme was introduced by the NSW Government in a bid to help reduce the entry cost for buyers looking to get into the property market.

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What you need to know about Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

Lenders Mortgage Insurance is an insurance that protects the lender in case of a default on the property - it offers no protection to the home owners in the event they cannot make their repayments. For many borrowers it’s an unavoidable cost but you can take steps to limit how much it costs you and how you pay it.

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10 reasons you’re better off with a broker

Let me say this loudly, loyalty doesn’t necessarily pay anymore. Not with lenders (banks) anyway. They’re busy acquiring new clients, delivering dividends to shareholders... and they know that we Aussies like to stick with the brands we know.

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Why invest in property?

Investing in property before buying your first property to live in can be a great way to build a solid financial foundation for the future. You can get all the benefits of home ownership while enjoying the flexibility of continuing to rent where you can afford.

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Myth Busting – Understanding Refinancing Myths

It can seem simpler for homeowners (like you) to stay put when it comes to your home loan however for those willing to look around, there can be a lot to gain. We’ll look beyond the refinancing myths so you can take it out of the too hard basket and reap the benefits.

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Your Game Plan for saving for a Home Deposit

Is it your dream to live in your own home? Buying your dream home is an exciting new beginning into the next phase of your life. But it also comes with responsibility – in planning for it over many years, and in saving for a home deposit. There are major decisions to be made and you may need to adjust your lifestyle to achieve your goal.

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Three tips to help you buy in a competitive property market

Looking for a new home? Join the club! There are many buyers out there looking to buy their first home and take advantage of low interest rates - just like you. So, it pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve that will help you on your search so you get the property that you want, rather than missing out on what could be your dream home.

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Rentvesting: Purchasing your first home as an investment property

The puzzle of buying your first home has more answers than one – and an investment property is such an attractive option that could help you realise your property dream. Often, potential homeowners have to compromise on one aspect of the other, such as location, style, or size of the property, due to financial constraints and the need to meet other existing obligations.

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