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Car loans

Avoid the speed bumps and let our brokers find the car loan right for you, and your new ride.

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The process

From saying hello, to new seat covers, six steps is all it takes for you to get on the road.

  1. Say hello
    Get in touch to discuss your current financial situation and goals, in person or online.
  2. The shortlist
    We’ll compare a long list of loan providers and create a shortlist that’s sure to suit you.
  3. The greenlight
    Once you’ve chosen a lender, we'll get you pre-approved so you know your borrowing capacity.
  4. Tinted window shopping
    With pre-approval under your belt, you can finally start looking for your new ride. To take the hassle out of the hunt, we can also set you up with simple to use car buying services.
  5. Secure the finance
    Once you’ve given your new ride a test drive and have decided on your new set of wheels, we’ll work to secure finance from your lender.
  6. Drive away
    Now, all you need to do is make an offer. If all is well and good, simply pick up the key and drive away (into the sunset, of course).

Loan types and features

There are a number of loan types available to you; secured loans, unsecured loans, fixed rate and more, scroll through some of the options to get a better understanding of what the differences are. We’re here to answer your questions when you’re ready.

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Secured loans

You provide collateral (such as the car or property) as security against the loan in case you can’t afford your repayments. Lenders typically offer lower rates for secured loans (vs an unsecured loan) because there is less of a risk to them.

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Unsecured loans

No additional security (e.g. your car or property) is provided against the loan. Instead the lender will rely on your credit score when they decide whether or not to approve you for the loan. Interest rates can be higher than a secured loan and you might not be able to borrow as much.

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Fixed rate

Your interest rate and repayments will stay the same during the fixed term of your car loan.

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Other things to consider: Balloon payments


You choose to pay a larger sum of the loan value at the end of the loan term. The sum you pay is usually based on a fixed percentage of the total loan value.


Reduce your repayments when you first start paying off the loan.

Consider how this will affect the amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan and the total amount that is left to pay at the end of your monthly repayment term. The remaining sum will need to be paid in full in one lump sum.

How do I know if this is right for me?

We can help you understand whether this approach suits your needs and run through the considerations and benefits in more detail. Get in touch.

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FAQs about car finance.

We’ve got your questions covered.


What's the difference between a secured or unsecured car loan?

A secured car loan usually means that your car will be the security for the loan. For example, if you don’t pay the loan repayments in time, the lender could step in and repossess your car.

An unsecured loan on the other hand means that you don’t need to provide your car as security. In saying that, the interest rate could be increased and your borrow capacity could then decrease.

What other costs should I be aware of?

When you purchase a new car there are more costs to be aware of than the car loan itself, this includes stamp duty, registration, car insurance and running costs. I can help you weigh up how much your new car will cost and explore ways to bring these costs down.

Do I need pre-approval for a car loan?

To set your negotiating skills into overdrive - you should get pre-approved for a car loan before you head to a dealership.

Pre-approval will tell you - how much you can afford, how much your repayments would be, what type of interest rate you can get and the loan features that are available to you.


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